Metsäkauriita Mölylän metsässä. Kuva: Hannu Sarvanne

European roe deer at forest of Mölylä. Photo: Hannu Sarvanne

A wide variety of species only a stone’s throw away

The fauna of Vanhankaupunginlahti is very diverse. The area’s many paths and bird watching towers allow visitors to observe a range of animals with minimal effort, and the chances of encountering rarer species are higher than in many other locations.

Vanhankaupunginlahti has long been known for its birds in particular, so it’s no wonder that birds are the most researched group of the wetland’s animals. However, as our knowledge of the area increases, new discoveries are made in other groups as well. In regard to insects, for example, the area is known to be home to a number of internationally rare hoverfly species. Exploring the habitats surrounding the bay may also yield sightings of some interesting mammals, such as the delicate roe deer that roam the fields and ice, as well as mysterious bats that take wing when night falls. In the spring, the wet areas are also filled with the croaking of frogs, and on warm summer days you might also spot a viviparous lizard or two sunbathing on the rocks.